How to Clean and Maintain Chimney

Soot and creosote are common substances that are found in the chimney after burning fire. The soot can result in a smelly home interior and the creosote results in chimney fire since they are flammable.

Hiring a professional chimney sweep can be expensive but it is something you can do it at home especially if you have the required tools of cleaning.

You can visit your hardware and pick the right tools for your cleaning. However, this work is so tedious and you cannot handle it on own your own.

Nature’s own chimney cleaning company is among the top chimney cleaning companies in the United States of America. They can have a team of professionals who can handle the duty professionally and thoroughly.

You should note that a poorly maintained chimney can result in fire and dirt that can lead to airborne diseases. Therefore, learning how to clean and maintain chimney will help to improve the air conditioner in your house.

Chimney cleaning should be done thrice per year especially if you are burning wood or charcoal on a daily basis in order to prevent the accumulation of excess soot.

How to Clean Chimney

Here are steps on how to clean your own chimney if you have the right tools. The steps include:

Step One

Spread a plastic trap under the fireplace. This will help to protect the floor from being stained by the soot. Remove the ashes around the firebox. Open the damper and scrub the loose debris around the walls of the fireplace. Ensure the room is well ventilated since the dust can be allergic to some people inside.

Step Two

You will be expected to wear the required gears like the goggles in order to protect your eyes. This is will minimize the chance of having a trip to see your doctor. You will need a ladder for climbing up the chimney and the brush for sweeping the accumulated soot.

Step Three

Remove the chimney cap in order to prevent obstructing yourself while brushing the sooth inside the chimney. When you are done with sweeping, make use to replace the chimney cap back and fasten it safely. Make yourself down the ladder safely.

Step Four

Allow the dust to settle down in the fireplace. Peel a small hole under the seal on the fireplace to allow the soot to fall in the firebox. Once all the dust and soot have fallen, scoop them and dispose of them safely.

How to Maintain Chimney

Maintenance of chimney is done by professionals only but there are some things that you can do it yourself while at home.

Ensure the chimney cap protect the chimney tunnel from being clogged by leaves or other debris. This will make sure all the smoke come out whenever you lit the firebox.

Cover the chimney cap with wire screen in order to prevent animals or birds from coming down the chimney. Remove any nest built by birds around the chimney in order to ensure smooth aeration.

Monitor the mortar frequently in order to find out if there is any cracking. Call the profession to come and fix it for you.